Individual Support Services

What is Individual Support Services?

ISS provides adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living,
community inclusion, and behavioral supports.

The goal of this service is to support individuals in becoming independent through direct instruction, offering positive behavioral supports, and providing individuals and families with the necessary tools to continue to grow successfully.

What is Individual Support Services?

How can Individual Support Services help individuals and families?

Socially Significant Behavior Change

  • Increased independence with functional life skills
  • Decrease in behaviors that impact daily living skills
  • Increased ability to follow and master simple tasks with
    minimal behaviors

Increase in positive peer interactions

  • Increase in functional communication skills
  • Increased ability to communicate with others in the
  • Increased ability to purchase and order items in the
  • Increased ability to create positive relationships with
    other individuals in the community

In-home support and tools for Families

  • Improved bedtime routines
  • Establish positive behaviors and family routines
  • Increase independence in daily living skills (e.g. brushing teeth, using the bathroom)
  • Preparing individuals to become productive community members

How can someone access ISS?

To request services, call PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624, they are available 24 hours a day 7
days a week and will help in normal times of need as well as in crisis situations.

Complete the Medicaid application online at

A notification will be received by email or phone when the Medicaid application has been
approved or additional information is required

Once approved, call PerformCare again and request care management services (CMO).  

For Mercer County this is Capitol County Children’s Collaborative 609-584-0888

There will be an in-person intake completed in your home or over the phone.

Once you are assigned a Care Manager, discuss the goals that you would like your child to meet
and any other needs your child may have.

If you are looking to increase your child’s independence, assistance with activities of daily living
(ADLS) and improved social skills then request Individual Support Services (ISS) through
Sidekicks Support Services.

The direct line for Sidekicks Individual Support Services is 609-503-7793. Feel free to call for
any questions or support.

Who Provides ISS?

We will assign an ISS supervisor who will complete the intake, assessment, and treatment plan.

A supervisor has a masters level degree. They develop goals, lead the implementation of programming and provide constant check ins on service development.

A technician will work directly with their supervisor in executing the plan and achieving the individualized goals. All of our ISS Technicians have a bachelor’s degree, receive ongoing training and supervision and communicate regularly with their supervisor.

A team approach is provided in mastering goals and achieving success through ISS.

Who Provides ISS?

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