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The city of Bordertown can be found at the confluence of the Delaware River, Blacks Creek, and Crosswicks Creek. The city is located in Burlington County, New Jersey. The first recorded European settlement was made in 1682 in an area known as Farnsworth’s Landing. An English Quaker, Thomas Farnsworth,  is credited with being the first European settler in the Bordentown area in 1682 when he moved his family upriver from Burlington. The city was named after Joseph Borden, who founded a transportation system to carry people and freight between New York City and Philadelphia in 1740. 

We pay close attention to the functions of behavior and work towards behavior prevention and choosing socially appropriate replacement behaviors. The functions of behavior can be broken into four functions of behavior which are an escape, access to attention, stimulation, and access to tangibles.

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Bordentown, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

Bordentown, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

Sidekicks Support follows the Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA principles, which is the process of applying interventions based on the principles of learning theory to help our Bordentown clients improve their social interactions and behavior. Our ABAs will pay close attention to how our client or your child reacts to established operations and the four functions of behavior to fully understand the unique needs that they may have.

When you work with Sidekicks Support, we will send a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst or a BCBA out to your Bordentown home to perform an assessment. A plan will be written based on the assessment and your child’s overall behavior which will revolve around the four functions of behavior. Our ABAs will use methods such as discriminative stimulus (SD), establishing operations, and negative reinforcement to help your child. Sidekicks Support understands that each child’s situation is unique to them and each plan we write will be unique to their situation. There are many different factors to consider such as the current level of functioning, individual skills, and their behavior with relation to the four functions of behavior all play a part in how the ABA will help your child. Our BCBA will also offer parent coaching and support.

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