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Sidekicks provides personalized, consistent, and comprehensive 1:1 support services in the home and in the community for individuals with disabilities and their families. 

Our support services enable individuals to achieve goals, overcome daily obstacles, enhance social skills, and obtain greater independence.

Our services include: ABA Therapy (ages 2+), Speech Therapy (4+), Individual Support Services (3-21) and Direct Support Services (21+)

Funding for Sidekicks services may be fully or partially covered by one of our contracted insurance providers, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, or the Department of Children and Families.

We are in network with Horizon Blue Cross, Aetna, United, QualCare, and AmeriHealth

Children Special Needs Services, Best speech therapy. ABA services & Adult special needs service. In Home Behavior help. In home 1-1 help for Social Skills

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Niko Antonellos – CEO & Founder

Niko CEO

Niko started Sidekicks as part of his final entrepreneurship project in 2012. His inspiration was his desire to make a difference in the community and his belief that quality support services will make a positive impact for families.

He continues to lead the team in the growth and development of Sidekicks, aiming to continually provide effective, reliable and personalized support services to individuals and families throughout New Jersey/PA.

Niko is most proud of the progress individuals have made since the start of the program and the growth of his fellow team members in their professional development as therapists, teachers and role models.

Email: Niko@SidekicksSupport.com

Jamie Douglas – COO

Jamie COO

Jamie brings decades of experience and insight into our program. As the leader of our operations, Jamie oversees and manages our day to day functions.

Jamie also heads our staff training program, in which she helps staff with required trainings and personal development. Jamie plays an integral part in maintaining the quality of our program and providing support to our families and staff. Jamie is constantly working with Niko on how to improve our program and best serve our Superheroes.

Email: Jamie@SidekicksSupport.com

Jamie has been with Sidekicks since December 2016

Ashley Kelly – Director of Individual Support Services

Ashley - Director of Individual Support Services
Ashley chose this field because she loves working with individuals with disabilities and being part of their growth and development. In this career, she never feels that she is working because she loves what she does. Ashley desires to make positive impacts with our superheroes, one individual at a time. Being a part of an individual’s success is the most rewarding part of her job.

Amongst many responsibilities, Ashley makes sure that new staff are onboarded successfully into our program and assists in helping new families join our program.

Email: Ashley@sidekickssupport.comv

Ashley has been with Sidekicks since May 2017

Corrie Redfearn – ABA Clinical Director

Corrie - ABA Clinical Director

Corrie has spent almost 20 years working to serve individuals with developmental disabilities.

She started her career as a special education teacher. As a BCBA, she has worked with children and adults in home, school, and community settings.

She chose this career path to make meaningful changes in the lives of people with special needs. Corrie considers it a privilege to be a small part of their journeys.

Email: Corrie@SidekicksSupport.com

Corrie has been with Sidekicks since April 2018

Ann Hartig – BCBA

Ann has spent over 15 years working with individuals with special needs. She began her career as a paraprofessional in a public school supporting young children with special needs. The longer she worked with these extraordinary individuals the more she wanted to learn about how to better serve their needs both in and outside of the classroom. At Sidekicks, she performs assessments, creates treatment plans, trains and supervises staff, and supports the families in our ABA program In working with individuals and collaborating with colleagues, she continues to learn and grow.

Ann has been with Sidekicks since July 2017

Roe Bonomo – BCBA

Roe Bonomo
Roe became involved in the field of special education due to her interest in helping children with autism and following her experiences with raising her son diagnosed with autism.

Some of her career highlights include; being a previous owner of a behavioral consulting company, several years working with a private school providing services to children with significant behavioral challenges such as aggression and self injury, board certified behavior analyst for Ewing Schools, and part time behavior analyst at Sidekicks.

At Sidekicks, she assesses program needs for individuals in our ABA program, develop behavioral and functional life skill programs, and train staff to work with our individuals.

Roe has been with Sidekicks since July 2016

Judith Hanna – BCBA

Judith’s career mission as a school psychologist and behavior analyst of more than twenty-five years has been focused on the education and support of children with special needs in school, hospital and private settings.

At Sidekicks, she has the opportunity to work with families and ABA therapists to customize programs that will improve life outcomes.

Judith has been with Sidekicks since June 2018

Zach Caruso – BCBA

Zach BCBA SidekicksSupport
Zach has worked with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in multiple settings.

He has experience in the home, school, and community setting including a summer theatre camp for children and adolescents with special needs.

He is proud to be a part of the Sidekicks team and thrives on assisting our superheroes in developing their full potential.

Zach has been with Sidekicks since July 2019



I developed an interest in helping kids with special needs and so I chose to study in the field of special education.

An interesting fact about me is that I walked 39 miles in support of breast cancer awareness.


Meera has been with Sidekicks since January 2020

Jaszmine Tucker – ISS Supervisor

Jaszmine Tucker - ISS Supervisor

Jaszmine has been working in the developmental and behavioral health field for 10 years. She has a background in clinical mental health counseling. She has a huge heart for children and is always up for a challenge. She enjoys watching children overcome their goals and become as independent as possible. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her son and her dog.

Jaszmine has been with Sidekicks since April 2019

Jenn Carmichael- ISS Supervisor

Jaszmine Tucker - ISS Supervisor

Jenn chose this field because she loves working with children and has a strong passion for helping others. It brings her great joy to see the positive outcomes and strides being made by the superheroes we service. Jenn is an ISS Technician and was recently promoted to ISS Supervisor.

Jenn has been with Sidekicks since September 2019

Carol Moscarello – Speech Therapist

Carol Moscarello - Speech Therapist
Carol Moscarello has been a Speech Language Pathologist for over 20 years. She has worked in early intervention, preschool, the public school system, nursing homes and with all levels of developmental disabilities.

Carol holds an AAC specialist certificate and has been awarded two ACE awards from the American Speech and Hearing Association for exceeding continuing education requirements. She has been a member of the Sidekicks team since May 2016, providing comprehensive caring Speech and Language therapy while following her passion to empower every client while finding his/her voice.

Carol has been with Sidekicks since May 2016

AnnMarie Potts – Speech Therapist

AnnMarie Potts is a Speech/Language Pathologist licensed in the state of NJ as well as having the American Speech/Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certificate of clinical competence (CCC). She has worked 30+ years in the school district as well as having experience in early intervention and with adults.

She has special interest and training in CAS (childhood apraxia of speech) and is listed on the Apraxia Kids site as a recommended provider.

Additionally, she has experience in a variety of areas including auditory processing, expressive and receptive language delays, articulation/phonological processes. She LOVES working with the Sidekicks team helping clients reach their full potential.

AnnMarie has been with Sidekicks since July 2018

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