Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for a Sidekick to join your staff?
Our Sidekicks all share a commitment to serving others.
Each Sidekick exhibits a passion towards our purpose of enriching lives of individuals and families through support services.
To become a Sidekick, one must:
• Have or be pursuing a degree in the humanities, and/or an ample amount of related experience
• Successfully complete multiple interviews
• Pass multiple background checks
• Provide references, which we then check
• Have completed CPR/First Aid training
We provide our Sidekicks with supervision, extensive training, and professional development opportunities regularly throughout the year.
Does Sidekicks provide services privately?
Yes, please click get started, give us a call or contact our office at for more information and rates.
How do you match up a Sidekick with my son or daughter?

A Sidekick is matched with your Superhero based on past experience, interests, personality, location, availability, and other compatibility considerations, such as dog or cat allergies.

Do parents participate in the selection of our Sidekick?

Your input is extremely important. We focus on what your needs are and tailor our program to provide the best experience for your individual as possible. Parents’ feedback is vital in our efforts to best provide support. Our goal is 100% satisfaction for our Superheroes and their families.

How can Support Coordinators or Care Managers get the process started for their individuals?

We work with a variety of different agencies who help support our individuals. If interested in learning more about our program and how we can work together, feel free to send us an email or give our office a call. If you have someone who you think would benefit from our services, you may fill out an intake form on their behalf on our Getting Started page.

What types of DD/ID challenges do you support?

We provide services for all types of unique needs including, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Physical Disability, Behavior Challenges, Anxiety, and ADHD.

What activities can Sidekicks do?

We understand that everyone’s needs and interests are different. Our services are personalized to fit each individual’s unique needs. The goal of our program is to provide an experience that is safe, engaging, and fulfilling; that will increase social skills, self-dependency, confidence, and overall happiness.

Our Sidekicks:

  • Assure your individual’s safety and well-being
  • Offer companionship and encouragement
  • Participate in games, activities, arts and crafts
  • Engage in recreational activities that are available in the community
  • Assist with daily living skills
  • Can provide supervision when parents need to tend to personal or professional needs
  • Will be role model figures
  • Will engage in meaningful conversation
Can the Sidekick go out in the community with my individual?

Transportation can be discussed upon meeting. However, one could always meet with a Sidekick at a location in the community. Examples of recreational activities that our Sidekicks can participate in are movies, restaurants, shopping malls, zoos, aquariums, libraries, parks, places of worship, trips to the grocery store, and entertainment events (sports, plays, carnivals, festivals, etc.)

How do I get started with Sidekicks?

To begin the process, fill out our intake form. Our team will reach out to discuss service options that best fit your needs. A meeting time will then be arranged to learn more about your individual’s needs, interests and personality, so that we can best match with an appropriate Sidekick. A Sidekick will then be selected, prepared and introduced to your individual.

When can I have a Sidekick spend time with my son or daughter?

Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, overnight stays, or vacation stays.

Is there a new Sidekick for every session?

No, we like to set a Superhero up with one, two or sometimes three Sidekicks.

Is there a time limit per session?

Our minimum for each session is one and a half hours.

What happens if Sidekick is unable to continue spending time with our son or daughter?
If we need to arrange for a new Sidekick, he or she would be prepared by our supervisor and our former Sidekick.

On occasion, schedule changes necessitate a change in staffing. Our goal is to provide you a valuable, engaging, and meaningful experience at all times and with all staff members.

Are there any funding options?
Funding can be attained for our DDD, DCF and ABA services. Follow the link below for more information on funding as per the appropriate service that fits your needs.

• DDD (Individuals 21 and Over)
• DCF Individual Support Services (Individuals 21 and Under)
• ABA Therapy (Individuals 21 and Under)
• Speech Therapy (Individuals 4-21 Years Old)

How does billing work?

Our intake and intro session are at no cost to you. Invoices are sent monthly online for families paying privately.

What happens if I need to change the schedule?
Upon starting with Sidekicks, you will be introduced to one of our BCBA’s/Supervisors who will work on getting your schedule together a month in advance.
One can always reschedule directly with their Sidekick. We encourage a week’s notice of any changes to your schedule.
Where do I find information on Employment Opportunities?

We are currently looking for the following positions: ABA Therapist, Direct Support Professional, and BCBA.

If you are reliable, motivated and passionate about serving others and interested in being a Sidekick, we want to hear from you. Check out our Employment section for more details and send us your resume at

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