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Sidekicks Family Survey

Parents Feedbacks

“When helping personally with our son, our Sidekick has been prompt, resourceful, and dependable. She's
also really connected with our son, is incredibly attuned to his needs and is an incredible advocate for him
in the community. I really can't say enough good things about our Sidekicks experience. Kudos!”

Children Special Needs Services, Best speech therapy. ABA services & Adult special needs service. In Home Behavior help. In home 1-1 help for Social Skills
“Sidekicks is my “go to” organization when I want to build social and life skills for my son with autism, when I need coverage…or when I just need a break. They are heart-centered people with a true passion for helping our kids with special needs. And while they are skilled at how to handle any situation with our kids, they are open to learning what works for us, and what games or activities will most likely inspire my son to participate and learn. We all look forward to when a Sidekick is coming, because my son knows he’s going to have fun with a friend, and I know that he’s going to be challenged to grow socially, and that he’s with someone that I trust to take good care of him, like a big brother or sister. That gives me such peace of mind, as well as joy and gratitude.”
“My sister has been with sidekicks now for about a year and we both couldn’t be more happier with them. They have sent many different young ladies who have been a great big help to us.”

“My son has been with Sidekicks for approximately 3 years. The therapists that come have a Special Ed background and work full time jobs with children or adults with PDDNOS and Autism.

They are patient, kind and have strategies to control all the distractions that typically happen. Matthew has benefited greatly and is learning to become more independent and confident in his learning and daily living skills.

Sidekicks has been a wonderful part of my son’s life and I am very grateful for them!”

Children Special Needs Services, Best speech therapy. ABA services & Adult special needs service. In Home Behavior help. In home 1-1 help for Social Skills
“Our Daughter loves her Sidekicks and looks forward to seeing them, sometimes to the point of driving us crazy with (using her own signs) “when are they coming,” “I want my nails done.” etc.”

“Sidekicks have benefited my son and my family greatly. The therapists are experienced in working with special needs children. They are knowledgeable in the autism field, dedicated and very caring. They make doing work a positive and rewarding session each time and know how to engage him.”

Children Special Needs Services, Best speech therapy. ABA services & Adult special needs service. In Home Behavior help. In home 1-1 help for Social Skills
“What they have provided to our children, and us as a family, has truly been a Godsend. The sidekicks bring such structure to our lives, and most importantly our childrens’ lives”

“My husband and I have been able to do things we haven’t been able to do in 5 years because of the comfort we have in knowing the sidekicks are with our children.

They are not only keeping them safe, but also teaching them how to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.”

“Sidekicks have benefited my son and my family greatly.

The therapists are experienced in working with special needs children. They are knowledgeable in the autism field, dedicated and very caring.

They make doing work a positive and rewarding session each time and know how to engage him.”

“Its amazing the way they take the time to get to know our family and what our needs are. We truly feel they are really special people”

“It’s been a wonderful addition to our family to have the Sidekicks providing quality support to our son”

“I have three children and the sidekicks enable me to spend time with all of the kids, equally. Whether the Sidekicks are with Logan and I’m with the girls or I’m with Logan and the sidekicks are with the girls. Everyone wins. “

“To someone who has never heard of Sidekicks,I would say it is probably something they should definitely look into.

If they are looking for a behaviorist, or something for their child, or anyone child who has special needs. I didn’t hear of Sidekicks before, and they were referred to me by an agency.

It has been a positive experience for Xavier and for me as well.“

“I am grateful for their continuity, reliability and dedication to helping my son while they are here. He continues to benefit from the program, is happy when they come and is engaged completely while they are here.”

“Sidekicks really, right from the beginning, each person who came had different input and really helped me be able to see what I had to do step by step and for my son, having someone else here, besides me, helped him to be able to hear someone else, besides a teacher, it got him to get him do what he needed to do for the trouble spots that we were having”
“I would recommend them, basically because it is an agency of people that obviously are really good at what they’re doing, care about what they’re doing. Each person right from my first phone call to the visit and intake, each person down the road. The supervisor that comes out for him, Nicole. Everyone has gone above and beyond on what they need to do. And the behaviorist as well. They are able to listen to me and respect my needs. They are not so stern or rigid that they can’t hear also how I may need it to be. They’re flexible. So anyone who is looking for something for someone with special needs, even someone without special needs. Everyone needs that someone’s help.”
“Sidekicks therapists understand that children need to have some fun and downtime in between working – so they always give my son an incentive to work and gain a little “fun” play time. My son is so happy with this arrangement that he is more eager to work on his goals and then be rewarded with an activity he likes. The therapists are great at playing with him as well and this helps him talk and express himself well”
Speech Therapy

“I would recommend Sidekicks highly. I feel the owner Niko really cares about your special needs child and really wants to help them and their families by providing excellent services. I am grateful for the Sidekicks being so dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, and enthusiastic while working with my child.”

“They have been a wonderful support. Not only have they given me the chance to be at work and not worry about what’s going on with Jake but Jake looks really forward to having them come.

He enjoys some of the new activities that he’s learned to do with the Sidekicks.

Each one has something special that they bring or that they do when they come and he really enjoys it.”

“When I started thinking about childcare for my daughter, I was worried it would be difficult to find a match for my daughter who has complex needs, including autism and medical needs, but I didn’t have these worries when I started working with Sidekicks. I would let other knows that Sidekicks has a variety of services like peer mentors, respite, recreation, companionship and help with activities of daily living. The best thing about Sidekicks is how positive and enthusiastic they are. My daughter responded very well to this, and even made a list of things to do with her Sidekick.
Sidekicks make a difference, for example, the Sidekick helped my daughter go into the back yard for the first time since 2007 when the neighbors moved in with a barking dog. She went outside with her headphones and music and listened to one song. After this moment, she went outside with me, and was singing and dancing to many songs in a row. She said, “The garden is better than the kitchen.” She was meaning, she could run around in a circle outside around the garden instead of making a loop inside the house. Just amazing!”
“My concern before starting with Sidekicks was wanting to make sure there was a good fit for my son, Colin. I wanted to make sure that the Sidekick would be a good match and not just a babysitter. Luckily, my wishes came true, and his Sidekick is a great match! Sidekicks is a great company with great people. They are more than just a babysitting agency. Every single person we have met at Sidekicks is very personable, and that is the best part.”

“I was so worried that nobody would be able to handle my son’s needs, but my Sidekicks have become an extension of me with the ability to work with my son and show him the compassion and love that he deserves. If I were to recommend Sidekicks, I would say that Sidekicks is made up of a group of wonderful and caring people that can help you and your family. They provide love, support, and understanding to your family. Your child will have a program made specific to their needs. Sidekicks helps me to know my child is always in good hands when I leave. Before not worrying was a very rare occurrence, and now I don’t!”

“We were seeking before and after care for our daughter who has severe disabilities. Our main concern was finding reliable caregivers who are capable and comfortable providing care for children who have significant needs. We were very impressed with the personal care Sidekicks provided our daughter. They made sure that a caregiver was there at the specified time and worked as a team to make sure our needs were met.

Sidekicks Support Services
We would definitely recommend Sidekicks to anyone who has a child with special needs. We would highlight the personal care provided by the Sidekick team, and the lengths to which they went to make sure that our daughter was well taken care of. The best thing about Sidekicks is they always made sure our daughter had an enjoyable time. She always looked forward to the time she spent with a Sidekick. We felt like we were leaving her in the care of people who knew her and not some stranger. As parents of a child with significant disabilities, we were always worried about finding quality, reliable care for her. Given her needs, we cannot just ask anyone to help us. Sidekicks was the perfect match for what we needed for our daughter.”
“Before knowing Sidekicks, I was worried that the Sidekicks would not be open to learning and applying the techniques we use in working and playing with our son. We follow principles and techniques of The Son-Rise Program, which is very different from ABA. Not only were they very open to learning these techniques, but they adapted very quickly and skillfully. They also felt comfortable blending their own style with ours, which was very loving as well as “challenging” in an appropriate way for our son. We have welcomed 7 Sidekicks into our home and each one has quickly integrated into our routine and into our hearts.
ABA Therapy
Sidekicks takes the worry out of your life. When you need help, Sidekicks is there. You never have to worry about “leaving your child or loved one with someone” because you know they are in the hands of an individual who is always warm, loving, friendly, and who understands how to look after people with special needs. You can feel completely relaxed if you need to go to an appointment, leave your child, or just get work done around the house. The Sidekicks are responsible and very competent and can be trusted to take excellent care of your child as well as to offer a fun time with arts and crafts or other games with your child.

The best part about Sidekicks is that they are accommodating. My needs are often changing. I absolutely love that with Sidekicks, I have a place to go for help. They hire students and professionals who are trained to work with people with special needs, and they are almost always able to provide me with someone on the date and time I need. I used to wonder how I could take time for appointments or to get work done, because I didn’t know how I would find someone that I trusted who could come just once in a while or on a more regular basis for a short time. Now, when I need help, I call Sidekicks. My son gets a skillful and fun companion, and I am able to take care of my personal and professional needs. Sidekicks offers top quality care and companionship for people with special needs. If you are looking for a trusted friend or companion for your loved one, there is no need to look further than Sidekicks.”
“The biggest concerns I had were being able to keep up with the same “Sidekicks” after my son, Michael got used to them, whether the Sidekicks would be experienced and kind to Michael, and whether I would be able to keep up with the payments. Fortunately, I was able to choose more than one Sidekick in order to ensure Michael always had a “play date” I was actually blown away by how wonderful the Sidekicks were and believe this is the best money I ever spent for my son. He truly enjoys the interaction. Being 14, he wants to be with his peers. If it weren’t for Sidekicks he would still be lonely. Sidekicks is a one of a kind great service. They treat you like family and are respectful and caring.

My favorite part of Sidekicks is the personalized service we receive from Niko. He calls or texts me once a week to check in and adjust my schedule for Michael. He and the Sidekicks are very flexible.

He even offered to meet with Michael when there was a college break and our Sidekicks were on vacation. I am so glad a company like this now exists!

My husband and I had been putting ads in the newspaper and asking around for peer mentors before we knew about Sidekicks.”

“Sidekicks provided my daughter with a wonderful experience. They were able to incorporate a morning routine for her daily school routine. They assisted me getting her to take a bath and brush her teeth in the morning before she went to school. This was not an easy task with two other children getting ready for school as well. They came early in the morning and also taught me how to get her into a routine. After a few months she was able to stick to her routine and make our mornings stress free. They were compassionate, caring and most of all patient. My daughter loved the Sidekicks that came. The fact that they specialized in special needs children made all the difference in the world. Do not hesitate to choose Sidekicks, it is quality care for your child that needs that special TLC!”

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