Job Description – ABA Therapist


Assists Individuals by providing ABA based therapy under the supervision of a licensed BCBA, assistance with academics and daily living, and engagement in activities in the home and in the community. Enhances lives of individuals by performing the following responsibilities.



  • Provides ABA based therapy to the individual based on the BCBA’s provided plan.
  • Responsible to engage and support individuals in activities of daily living through ABA techniques.
  • Provide support in areas of interest to ensure meaningful therapy time.
  • Responsible to observe and report information to update and provide feedback and recommendations to team.
  • Responsible to provide observations, progress, feedback, and recommendations to the team based on current progress.
  • Responsible for using good judgment in choosing activities and ensuring all activities are safe and appropriate.
  • Maintain data collection and notify the BCBA of areas of concern.

Communication, Training and Meetings

  • Meet regularly with BCBA to review progress and troubleshoot concerns or barriers to successful employment.
  • Maintain a positive and respectful professional relationship with clients, families and colleagues at all times.
  • Attend all meetings and trainings as requested or required
  • Notify BCBA Supervisor of situation that might compromise the health or safety of client.
  • Cooperate with Sidekicks and or the Division of Developmental Disabilities/Department of Children and Families/HBCBS and Aetna in any investigation.


The individual must be able to successfully perform the key responsibilities of the job. The individual must meet the Sidekicks and New Jersey State minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job.

Qualifications include:

  • Education – High School diploma or GED. Bachelor degree in Human Services or related field preferred. One year of direct ABA experience preferred.
  • Skills –Ability to comprehend basic instruction both verbally and in writing. Ability to verbally express self and communicate information effectively to clients, families and professionals
  • Abilities – Demonstrate a commitment to helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their goals. Must demonstrate a commitment to the agency and its mission.
  • Required Certification– Valid driver’s license
  • Experience– Minimum of one year experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is preferred
  • Physical demands: Ability to continuously stand or walk. Ability to bend, squat, climb stairs and lift up to 25 pounds occasionally.

Note: This Job Description may not be inclusive of all duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.

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