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Establishing Operations & SD ABA in Robbinsville

In Mercer County, New Jersey, is the township of Robbinsville, NJ. The Robbinsville, NJ municipality is included in New York City’s Metropolitan Statistical Area, but it borders Philadelphia’s Designated Market Area. Robbinsville, NJ has a growing population of almost fourteen thousand residents, which is up from just over ten thousand in 2000. During his time in the House of Representatives, George R. Robbins lived in the township, which was named for him.

Sidekicks Support ABAs will pay close attention to your child’s behavior and how it reflects on the four functions of behavior. The four functions are attention, stimulation, escape, and access to intangibles. Our ABAs will help your child work towards behavior prevention and socially appropriate replacement behaviors in Robbinsville, NJ.

Establishing Operations & SD ABA in Robbinsville

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Robbinsville, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

Robbinsville, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

At Sidekicks Support in Robbinsville, New Jersey, we follow the ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, principals. ABA is a theory-based approach to learning that focuses on assisting our clients in enhancing their social relationships and behavior. To aid in your child’s development, the ABA therapists will place a premium on the four functions of behavior.

Following your initial contact with Sidekicks Support, we will send a BCBA or a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst to your Robbinsville home. A plan will be prepared based on the initial assessment of behavioral functions. ABA will employ the plan to aid your child in navigating their individual situation, which may include developing operations, using discriminative stimulus (SD), and using negative reinforcement. The BCBA will regularly attend your child’s sessions, coaching parents and checking that the ABA is following the original plan. 

They will confer with the ABA regarding any necessary revisions to the plan and your child’s progress during the sessions. Sidekicks Support understands that each child’s situation is unique, especially in terms of their unique gifts, present level of functioning, abilities, and habits.

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