Support Services Through DDD (21+ Years Old)

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is a division of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

In 2016, Sidekicks was approved as a provider of services under the Supports Program. Currently Sidekicks provides Community Based Supports to individuals in need of continued supports to accomplish daily tasks and successfully access their community.

What is Community Based Services?

Community Based Services is working one on one with individuals who are 21 and over. We are a friend, a mentor, and a companion for individuals.

Sidekicks provides support while shopping, going to the movies, cleaning, organizing, getting their nails done, preparing meals, and even balancing their checkbook.

Sidekicks works with individuals to create specific goals that assist in becoming engaged and contributing members of their community.

What is Community Based Services?

How can DDD services help individuals?

  • Increased positive peer interactions
  • Increased functional communication skills
  • Increased ability to communicate with others in the community
  • Increased ability to purchase and order items in the community
  • Increased ability to create positive relationships with other individuals in the community
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Increased overall independence in the home and the communityIncreased independence with functional life skills

How can someone access CBS through DDD

To request services, call your assigned Support Coordinator and let them know that you are interested in Community Based Services.

Once we are connected, we will work together to review your individual service plan, goals and needs. We will work together to get services started.

The Director of our DDD program will contact the individual to initiate our services. We will begin to understand and prepare how we can best serve the individuals wants and needs. We will then set up a meeting where the individual can meet their Direct Support Professional.

After a successful meetup, support coordinators can create an authorization. Services can then begin!

Who Provides CBS?

Direct Support Professionals provide community-based support services. Prior towards joining our team, Direct Support Professionals complete all college of direct support trainings, receive additional training throughout the year, are CPR certified and AED certified.

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