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Speech Therapy in East Brunswick, NJ

Sidekick Support Services provides one-to-one speech therapy services in East Brunswick, NJ, to help disabled children and adults enhance their communication abilities. Our qualified speech therapists in East Brunswick work with clients to assist in the development of vocabulary, articulation, language comprehension, nonverbal communication, and social interaction. 

We tailor our speech therapy services to meet the needs of each individual. Through these personalized sessions, we aim to empower the client and help them achieve greater independence. Our speech therapists spend time getting to know each client and their personal challenges. This allows us to set goals and measure progress over the course of our sessions.

The funding support from one or more of our contracted insurance providers grants partial or full coverage for Sidekick’s Services in East Brunswick, NJ. Along with The Division of Developmental Disabilities of the Department of Children and Families also providing funding.

East Brunswick, NJ Behavioral Help

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ABA Behavior Help in East Brunswick, NJ

East Brunswick, NJ ABA Behavioral Help

 Sidekicks Support Services provides ABA behavioral help in East Brunswick, NJ. This program incorporates the fundamental principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. With ABA, we facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the client’s behavior, allowing us to more effectively manage it. 

The first step in our ABA program is an assessment from a board-certified behavior analyst. This assessments gives us insight into the behavioral challenges of the individual and areas we can work to improve. After this initial assessment, we collaborate with the client and their family to create a treatment plan. 

With our ABA program, a therapist will come to your home, where they can observe their behavior in a familiar environment. Throughout these in-home sessions, we will monitor behavior, possible environmental stressors, and the way the individual responds to consequences. Through ABA we can learn more about the client and improve their behavior through positive reinforcement and intervention.


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