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Speech Therapy in West New York, NJ 

When it Comes to finding the right Speech Therapist for your loved one, look no further than Speech Therapy by Sidekick Support. Regardless of your loved ones age we have the skills needed to assist. When it comes to making a difference for challenged children and adults, we are here!


Note that funding for any Sidekick’s services in  West New York, NJ

Funding is usually and typically covered by one or more of our contracted insurance providers. When it comes down to finding the best plan for you and your family, we are here to help. Funding for Speech Therapy in West New York, NJ can be expensive, let us help you minimize that. Call us today here at sidekick support for the ultimate guidance in finding the best services.

West New York, NJ Speech Therapy

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ABA Behavior Help in West New York, NJ

West New York, NJ ABA Behavioral Help

At West New York, New Jersey, we offer an ABA program that complies with the ABA principles, which is the practice of purposefully applying interventions founded in learning theory to significantly enhance socially meaningful behaviors.
A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will come to your home, meet your child, and conduct an evaluation. After the assessment, a treatment and service delivery plan is developed. When services begin, an ABA therapist will come to your Fairview home to begin the session. The therapist will gather data on the program goals during the sessions. The BCBA will regularly be present at your therapy sessions, oversee your treatment, and provide you with assistance or parenting coaching. When creating a program for a person’s particular needs,

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