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Establishing Operations & SD ABA in somerville

Somerville is a borough in Somerset County, New Jersey, and serves as the county seat. The borough is located in the New York Metropolitan Area’s Raritan Valley region, approximately 33 miles from Manhattan and 20 miles from Staten Island.

The four functions of behavior that our ABAs will focus on are access to attention, stimulation, escape, and access to intangibles. The functions of behavior are utilized to assist youngsters in developing behavior preventive and replacement behaviors that are socially acceptable.

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Somerville, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

Somerville, NJ Negative Reinforcement ABA

ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of applying interventions based on the principles of learning theory to help our Somerville clients improve their social behaviors and interactions. The ABAs will pay close attention to how your child reacts to methods such as established operations and the four functions of behavior. This way they are able to fully understand the needs your child may have. 

After you reach out to us, we will send a BCBA or a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst out to your Somerville home. They will perform an assessment on your child based on the functions of behavior. From that assessment, a plan will be written and the ABA will focus on helping your child’s behavior based around the plan. We will use methods such as establishing operations, negative reinforcement, and discriminative stimulus or SD. Your child’s sessions will be regularly attended by the BCBA, who will oversee the ABA with your child and offer coaching to parents. Every individual is unique due to multiple reasons such as the individual’s skills, current level of functioning, abilities, and behaviors. This is the same for your child and our plans will be written specifically for them and their specific needs.

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