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Speech Therapy in Cranbury, NJ

Sidekicks Support Services offers 1:1 speech therapy in Cranbury for individuals with disabilities over the age of four. These services are offered in-home or in the community. Through our speech therapy sessions, we aim to help individuals achieve enhanced social skills, greater independence, and overcome daily obstacles. 

We understand the unique challenges of disabled children and adults and work to develop a strong personal connection with each and every client. As we learn more about the individual, we can further tailor sessions and establish goals based on their specific needs. Our sidekicks are committed to developing stronger vocabulary, articulation, and expression to help these individuals achieve effective communication skills.

Funding for Sidekick’s services may be fully or partially covered by our contracted insurance providers. Funding could also be provided from the Division of Developmental Disabilities or the Department of Children and Families. 


Cranbury, NJ Behavioral Help

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ABA Behavior Help in Cranbury, NJ

cranbury, NJ ABA Behavioral Help

We offer an ABA program in Cranbury, NJ, that implements the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Through this program, we can help better understand and direct the behaviors of individuals with disabilities. The principles of ABA apply interventions and positive reinforcement to improve social behaviors. Our ABA program is flexible and can be adapted to best suit the needs of the individual.

The first step in the ABA program is an assessment from a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. After a thorough assessment, we will work together to develop a treatment and service plan. A therapist will meet and work with the individual in your Cranbury home. Throughout these sessions, the therapist will keep track of behaviors, possible environmental stressors, and reactions to consequences. Through ABA, we can improve life skills for the individual and their family. Custom goals are created throughout the course of the ABA program to help individuals achieve greater independence and communication skills.

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